A well-groomed dog is happy and healthy so its important that your pet is kept clean and tidy. Here at Mill Cottage Kennels we provide a full dog grooming service and are happy to work will all breeds of dog. Whether your pet simply needs its nails clipping and a quick tidy up and brush or a full bath and trim we are here to help.

A bath may not be something your dog enjoys but it can enable us to remove any insects that may have got stuck in their fur and allows us to clean any small scratches your dog may have picked up going about his or her business.

Not only does dog grooming keep your pet looking and smelling good it is also an important part of keeping it healthy. Thats because as part of our grooming service we carry out examinations to check for ticks and other parasites as well as skin problems and lumps thereby enabling such issues to be dealt with early. This is also true for nail clipping which if done regularly allows us to spot any problems more quicklt.

So if your dog needs its coat trimming, a through brush or a good bath get in touch today!

Scruffy mut to best in show.